Flamingo Knitting Kits : Knitting kit

This knitting kit will not only go away you with a playful toy, but it will also give you some follow in the craft and, probably, allow for you to gain some meditative time. The package, which is element of an extensive line of knitwear, is supplied by Tom Daley who all through lockdown “claimed that he’d taken to knitting to assist with mindfulness.” The assortment is playfully titled ‘Made with Adore by Tom Daley.”

The flamingo knitting kit is titled ‘Elvis.’ It consists of 300g of The Chunky A single yarn that the consumer can decide on the coloration of, three 100g of The Chunky Just one yarns in Robbie Pink, Aqua Blue, and Limoncello, as effectively as 200g of The Chunky One particular yarn in Tokyo Blue. Other items involve 200g polyester toy stuffing, 7mm x 35cm knitting needles, a Darning needle, and a sample.

Picture Credit score: By Tom Daley

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