‘Succession’ finale: These are the burning inquiries we’d like to see answered

We’ve acquired extra than a several burning concerns we hope this period finale will answer, as well as some theories about where the Roys will stop up. Examine on, Conheads, before we are glued to HBO Max for the finale this Sunday — here is hoping we don’t crash the application. (CNN and HBO share father or mother corporation WarnerMedia.) And of course, beware of spoilers if you are not caught up:

The final time we saw Kendall, he was lying experience down on a float in a pristine Tuscan pool. His head dipped less than water, he dropped his beer bottle — extra proof Ken has not been sober this period — and we’re remaining to marvel irrespective of whether Ken is tests how extended it can take to drop consciousness underwater or whether he is unconscious currently and we are looking at Logan’s 2nd son drown.

Perhaps: Kendall’s maybe hardly ever been this reduced right before, and we are chatting about a character who walked back to his sister’s English country wedding in a sopping moist accommodate soon after crashing a provider worker’s auto into a river and leaving explained assistance employee to drown. But now, his campaign versus his family’s organization has seemingly failed, Logan will never enable him around the company or permit him out, his siblings want nothing at all to do with him, his young ones are alienated, Naomi’s nowhere in sight, Rava thinks he’s a loser and, simmering underneath it all, is the death of the waiter from Shiv’s wedding ceremony. Logan protected it up, but it is really never ever still left Ken’s thoughts. It truly is an anchor he’s dragged throughout this time and the past. Comfrey and Logan described the waiter in “Chiantishire,” and it would be fitting for Kendall to die in the exact same way his soul did, in water.

But maybe not: His siblings wouldn’t be acting so usually terse at the wedding day, as we see them behaving in the preview for the season finale, if they understood he died, suitable? Logan would send Colin around to check on him if he did not exhibit up to the marriage ceremony — we hugely question he can at any time absolutely untether himself from Ken. At the pretty minimum his young ones or team would inform a person in the household that Kendall’s absent Gatsby in the villa’s pool.

And probably, if Ken helps make it out of the pool, he’ll surface on that podcast Comfrey instructed him about or pick a different system from which to confess to the loss of life of the waiter. Kendall may well last but not least divulge the top secret which is been weighing him down considering the fact that season a single.

Is Roman’s increase over?

One text could ruin Roman's rise. Or could it?

I suggest, sending your father a d**k pic that was intended to go to the interim CEO who’s labored for your dad eternally but you also have some strange psychosexual romantic relationship with is … terrible. Roman’s accomplished plenty of disgusting issues to encourage a great number of fictional thinkpieces (bear in mind when he pleasured himself in entrance of a window in year just one?) but he’s by no means completed them and been so shut to acquiring serious electricity of his possess. Roman has impressed Logan through the year, and his dad has trusted him with genuine meat as of late, together with the large deal with Alexander Skarsgård’s Matsson that could defend Waystar’s foreseeable future. But he might’ve undone a season’s worthy of (furthermore the tail-stop of season two, if you count his excursion to Turkey) of development with 1 textual content.

Verdict: Probably not. Logan’s forgiven a lot worse, and he appreciates Roman speaks Matsson’s tech bro-weirdo language. But you will find also a prospect Logan could take out Roman’s indiscretion on Gerri and hearth her. Shiv has not been on the leading of Logan’s listing this time, so her attempts to frame the text as sexual harassment (which it is see Gerri inquiring Roman to quit) may well fizzle. But she’ll cling to any semblance of leverage she can get, maybe into future period.

Will Shiv and Tom break up?

Shiv doesn't love Tom, but she "loves" him. Sounds healthy. Shiv doesn't love Tom, but she "loves" him. Sounds healthy.

Leave it to Shiv to make audiences pity Tom Wambsgans, a guy so pathetic he torments the family’s estranged cousin who pilfers absolutely free cookies to consider household in doggie bags. We believed it could not get even worse than Shiv’s significantly less-than-enthusiastic reaction to Tom steering clear of jail time, but then she informed Tom she failed to really like him soon after a notably cutting discussion with her mom and doubled down on it the up coming early morning with “I could not like you, but I do love you,” which … what?!?! Theirs is a toxic marriage that would not gain either of them.

Verdict: Tom is in also deep, in this writer’s viewpoint, to go away Shiv now. And where would he go, back to Minnesota with the Fly Men? The Roys will likely make him signal 100 NDAs on his way out in any case. Tom has endured years of humiliation and abuse at their arms in exchange for primary positions at Waystar, and inspite of her coldness, he nonetheless loves Shiv. Her relationship is typically the final matter on Shiv’s head, and she’s focused now on how to choose down Roman and reclaim her area as the heir to her father’s kingdom. Just will not enable these two have young ones.

Will Waystar merge with GoJo?

Logan's temper, impatience and overall crotchetiness could tank his deal with GoJo. Logan's temper, impatience and overall crotchetiness could tank his deal with GoJo.

Actually, this is in all probability the least pressing query as we stop the time, but it could identify the path of season 4. From what Roman advised Logan at the assembly in Milan (ahead of the notorious d**k pic), Matsson needs a “merger of equals” instead than an acquisition. Which is a predicament for Logan, who likes to be the best pet wherever he goes. It is tricky to envision him reneging even a modicum of power to a youthful, greener male, even if it can be just for present. But he is also proven himself to be a bit much less obstinate this time. (He went from telling the FBI to “f**k off” to permitting the FBI raid his places of work!) Logan is aware of his organization requires some more meat if it needs to stay suitable, even if it pains him to have significantly less than 100% management around his creation.

Verdict: Probably? Previous offers haven’t long gone effectively. The Pierce offer collapsed last year. Kendall’s acquisition of Vaulter turned bitter when Logan advised him to lay off all of its staff members. Sandy (and Sandi) and Stewie had been this near to excising the “Roy” out of Waystar Royco. It is doable Logan could rub Matsson the wrong way or vice versa — or Matsson could just alter his brain.

Will Willa take Connor’s proposal?

Of training course Con would propose at a wedding ceremony. Of course! His proposal is primarily a political strategy to guard his candidacy and fend off inquiries about Willa’s previous line of function. She looks befuddled when he receives down on 1 knee, as nevertheless she’d hardly ever viewed as their arrangement-turned-romantic relationship would convert as soon as more into a relationship.

Verdict: Probably. She’ll commit herself to being possible Very first Girl for the reason that Con has the means to make her shows (RIP, “Sands”). She appears to be to treatment about him, in a way, and we have seen her be protective of him through the season — Con WILL retain his jacket on, thank you quite a great deal! They’re an odd couple, but you can find authentic, if flawed, passion there.

Is anyone going to jail?

Any person on this demonstrate could go to jail for any selection of evil and/or illegal wrongdoings — coverups, manslaughter, document destruction, the “L to the OG” rap, amongst other crimes. What a way to close a wedding.

Verdict: I imply, surely not, correct? No just one on this show ever gets their comeuppance simply because of their huge prosperity and electricity. It really is like Tom told Kendall outside the house the diner — we’ve never seen Logan Roy get f****d after, and we in all probability by no means will. If he could very easily wade as a result of the cruise scandal, which Gerri, Frank and Karl warned at the starting of the period was the worst disaster the organization experienced at any time confronted, you will find no motive to think Logan will not likely just hold wading and winning, with the occasional UTI thrown in for some evaluate of karmic retribution.

Tom was the most likely candidate for prison at one place, and even nevertheless his marriage with Shiv has devolved into new levels of harmful, he is possible far too spineless to switch himself in. Greg is powerless more than enough to conclusion up in the can, but he is too hectic climbing the “courting ladder” to be wondering about prison any more.

But … If Kendall life, appears on that podcast and arrives clean up about the waiter’s loss of life, he may correctly flip himself in. He’s obtained almost nothing else to drop.

And last but not least, crucially — is the rabbit useless?

You recall the absolute unit of a rabbit Kendall gifted his kids before this season, standard billionaire absentee father things. Kendall instructed his kids’ nanny to feed a bagel to the rabbit, who we discover is aptly named Megathump, following his daughter complained. Obviously, the rabbit rapidly became gravely ill following getting fed reported bagel against the nanny’s assistance. It wasn’t wanting superior for weak Megathump all through the shareholder meeting, and that was the very last we listened to about the substantial bunny.

Verdict: We really should have assumed the rabbit was useless after Kendall proposed obtaining his human-managing medical professional to address the rabbit — “if he can do people today, he can do rabbits!” — since there is certainly no way Kendall is accountable sufficient to treatment for such a susceptible residing thing — it truly is why Rava cares for their young children most of the time.

But it’s possible not: After the bagel debacle, Kendall’s kids did make him a present for his 40th birthday (that his handlers dropped in advance of it at any time bought to him) with rabbit wrapping paper. Would Sophie and Iverson definitely have gotten about the death of their beloved, if gone far too soon, rabbit, speedily adequate to gift him a thing emblazoned with its experience? Maybe not. Or most likely they were being sending Kendall a message — the rabbit’s loss of life is your fault, Dad.

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