Genderless Denim Capsules : Levi’s and Atelier Reserve

Levi’s and Atelier Reservé collaborated for the 2nd time to develop a constrained-version, gender-neutral capsule collection that consists of 100% upcycled items. This collection was made specifically to communicate to “free spirits who resist conformity and set their have style procedures.” These parts of apparel are specifically specific given that each individual and each individual one is manufactured by hand in Atelier Reservé’s workshop.

The selection claims to resonate with Gen Z, and Anit Van Eynde, vice president of advertising Levi’s North Europe, notes: “Regular gender-based shopping and dressing guidelines are staying challenged, particularly by more youthful people. A lot more and extra people are procuring according to their legitimate particular design and preferences alternatively than what is predetermined for ‘her’ or ‘him.'” With this capsule selection, Levi’s is deconstructing traditionally gender-distinct merchandise and redefining their complete essence.

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