Limited Sapphire Floral Timepieces : sapphire flower

Designer Takashi Murakami layouts a brand new MP-15 timepiece with Hublot described by the sapphire flower component. It’s a minimal timepiece with solely 50 by the designer and appeals to look at collectors. It commences with a noteworthy emblem by the Japanese designer within the number of a sapphire flower.

Notably, that is additionally the very first have a look at that Hublot has created for an unique launch that’s designed with a central touring tourbillon. One more variation is that this iteration doesn’t have a classic dial, however has a complication within the middle precisely the place the fingers go to the sting as an alternative of the center. The tourbillon within the center is embellished by the sapphire flower with fascinating 12 petals.

Picture Credit standing: Takashi Murakami, Hublot

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